• Rick Graham Signature MJ DK24

    U.K. guitar master Rick Graham built a rabid fanbase at home and abroad with his stunningly deft chops, which range from delicate chordal passages of gentle beauty to furious onslaughts of overdriven virtuosity and any musical shade in between. .

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  • Angel Vivaldi DK24 NOVA

    Charvel® proudly collaborated with the New Jersey native to bring you the Angel Vivaldi Signature DK24 Nova — an axe that packs as much phenomenal force as the man playing it.

    Available in both 6-and-7-string variants, Vivaldi’s Nova offers it all – spectacular style, enhanced engineering for brazen playing finesse and rich tone that erupts with versatility. From the body contouring for maximum playing comfort to the tilt-back reverse headstock for improved string intonation and the dynamic DiMarzio® Tone Zone® bridge and DiMarzio Air Norton™ neck pickups, the Nova sets the bar high for contemporary guitar design.

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